Today my main Instagram blog turned 3!

I remember how scared I was to start. I barely understood why I needed it, what lay ahead, and I struggled technically. But I love the saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” That was exactly the case, and it’s a working story. I simply started doing.

If it weren’t for the blog, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to share my knowledge, which is important to me. I wouldn’t have my main job and growth. I wouldn’t have hundreds of clients who changed their lives and found their dream jobs. There would be fewer projects where I help companies without their own HR to build processes and find the right people.

But despite all the benefits of running the blog, I’m feeling a bit lost today… The thing is, I haven’t touched my baby for weeks, and before that, I didn’t run the blog as I wanted for a year. Even though the reasons are valid, I still feel sad about it. To be completely honest, I feel like I failed big time.

I’m being open because I know people often feel the same way (without any reason!), and it’s important to look at your life from the outside and tell yourself – you did great! Yes, something didn’t go as planned, but I’ll try again. I’ll plan less, do more. Or maybe – I’ll set a goal, intermediate stages, and plan the necessary steps.

A year ago, I thought my audience would grow. I was planning to regularly share useful content. I planned to share more information specifically for employers. I started another Instagram blog in English ( and had to abandon it for a while. And a million more projects. What should I tell myself? You are a failure, Nelja?

Or – well done, you didn’t give up, you’re trying! You have a family, a demanding main job, consultations, and additional projects – even in small volumes. And you keep learning constantly.

You do what you can under the current circumstances, and you’re moving towards your goal step by step. And everything will be great!

Praise yourselves too! And the best congratulations for me will be your reactions and if you share my posts with your audience and recommend my blog to them – because I will come back, and it will be even cooler!