Yesterday marked my 45th birthday.

Approaching this milestone stirred up a whirlwind of emotions within me. On one hand, I have everything one could wish for, and I could easily paint a picture-perfect Instagram post showcasing it all. Yet, there are complexities.

👩‍👦‍👦 My kids are my pride and joy. But navigating rough patches with my youngest son feels like a cosmic test. Or karma thing. I’m giving it my all.

❤ My partner is my rock, but like any couple, we have our tough moments. Still, our ability to tackle even the toughest conversations keeps us going. Is there anything more vital than open communication in a relationship?

📌I’m living my dream job, yet it’s sapping my energy reserves, leaving little for what truly matters.

↗️ I know exactly where I want to be, but reaching that destination has become an uphill battle lately—refer to the previous point.

💶 Financially, things are stable, especially given the chaos in the world. However, there’s always room for growth, and it’s time for new aspirations.

🩺Physically and mentally, I’m in good shape. But I sense that without some urgent lifestyle changes, my health could take a nosedive.

On this birthday, I have hided all social media notifications referring to the date, preferring heartfelt messages from those who know me best, no reminders necessary. I’ve come to value genuine connections over virtual ones. My closest friends and sister are scattered across Norway, Spain, Cyprus, and Israel, though. But closeness transcends distance.

Turning 45 may feel daunting—half a lifetime gone by? But with each passing year, life improves, and I’ve learned to cherish every moment, paving the way for a truly fulfilling existence. You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.

And the best gift for me from you would be if you liked my posts in Instagram and shared the one you find most useful in your feed. Blogging is a job, and I really want my work to benefit as many people as possible!