Privacy and Cookie Policy

The owner and the operator of the website is ProCareer OÜ.. I, Nelja Kornfeld, am the only board member of ProCareer OÜ and the only provider of the services listed on the website.

I value the right of my clients and site visitors to privacy. Therefore, I have compiled a privacy and cookie policy that explains how I collect, use, disclose, transfer and store personal data.

When processing personal data, I comply with the laws in force in Estonia, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Personal data is data that might be used to identify a person.

1. Purpose of personal data processing

ProCareer OÜ processes personal data to achieve the goals set by the company and offer the best possible service. When receiving personal data from clients, I limit myself to the necessary minimum.

I collect the following personal data:

  • contact details (name and surname, phone number, and e-mail address), preferences, other information obtained during communication with the client.
  • resume (only required for career counseling services).

Data processing is necessary to provide the services to clients who booked the appointment, or otherwise asked for service provision. The basis for the data processing is the consent of the client, the contract or the law given by e-mail, by phone, or in any messenger myself and the customer are willing to use.

2. Use and processing of collected personal data

I use personal data

  • for compiling and issuing invoices;
  • for sharing information about services to the client;
  • for determining the client satisfaction;
  • для предложения потенциального рабочего места;
  • for providing services.

I only store the collected personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose. I destroy the collected data immediately, either at the client request, or upon reaching the goal.

3. Modification and deletion of collected personal data

The data subject can always change his personal data. To do this, you must submit an e-mail notification to me.

The data subject may always exercise his right to be forgotten and send me an e-mail requesting deletion of his personal data.

4. Provision of collected personal data

I provide the collected personal data at the request of official institutions or in cases where it is necessary to provide a service ordered by the client.

5. Protection of personal data

I take every precaution to protect personal data. Only authorized persons have access to data processing. Should you think I have acted against the current privacy policy, contact me immediately by e-mail (address

6. Cookie policy

By using the website, you agree to the cookie policy and cookies usage set by myself and third parties, as well as the use of other tracking technologies on the site to ensure its correct operation. I may collect aggregated site usage data to improve your online experience and manage marketing and service communications with you. You can disable some of the cookies I use, but this may affect the ability and correctness of the site usage.

A cookie is a small file created when you use a website. It stores information on the browser or device from where you access the webpage.

The cookies stored on your device do not identify a specific user but the computer or mobile device you are using by randomly generating identification tags.

For your better use the features of the website, your computer or mobile device must accept cookies

  • to provide information that can help me understand what you like about my website and newsletters and what should be improved. It helps me offer you more personalized options and more relevant information on subsequent visits;
  • to save the data, such as your language settings or your last search for services, so that I can adapt the site to your preferences on subsequent visits;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of the site, including posted marketing information.

A standard cookie contains information that identifies your web browser, not the user. This cookie remembers your settings, the history of website page navigation, optimizes the user experience and saves your settings.

Some cookies I use may store more detailed information, possibly even identifying you, and may contain more of your personal information. However, additional information about your identification can only be added by you personally and consciously transferred to us, and only if you confirm your consent to this particular action.

Categories of cookies and their management:

Strictly necessary cookies are mandatory and necessary to ensure the correct navigation and use of website features that meet the requests:

  • free movement on the website;
  • remembering previous actions when going back to the page in the same session;
  • secure user access to protected areas of the web resource and use of its full functionality;
  • interaction with web-resource applications and ease of navigation through all its services;
  • booking appointment for a counseling.

Cookies in this category do not collect any personal information about you. They are temporary and deleted as soon as you stop using the web browser.

Performance cookies used to collect anonymously statistical information, analyze the website performance, the quality of my services. Such data includes:

  • Web analytics – tracking website traffic in order to provide a sustainable and reliable service;
  • Affiliate tracking meant to send an anonymous message to partners that one of our visitors has also visited their website;
  • Error processing – necessary to help us in website improvement by identifying any errors that occur and their causes;
  • Tracking technologies – necessary to prevent fraudulent activity and breaches of security features;
  • Development testing – to performs testing of various development options for the website;
  • Statistics of responses to marketing information to analyze how effective our marketing information is.

We use Google Analytics to track performance data. It is a web analytics service provided by a third party provider, Google, Inc. Website usage information is governed by the Google Privacy Shield and a separate data processing agreement with Google. For more information, see Google Analytics and data privacy information section of Google Analytics website.

Functional cookies are persistent and allow to personalize the content of my website according to the clients´ preferences, and thus to be able to:

  • address you by the name;
  • use regional and language preferences;
  • recognize your devices and authenticate authorization;
  • support the use of geo-referenced tools to determine your location;

Cookies of this category analyze your actions while using the website and do not contain personal data of personal identification of customers.

Marketing cookies are required to communicate with third parties through tracking technology to deliver content, delivering targeted ads on my behalf to match your interests on my website and third-party websites based on how you interact with the website, ads or content. It allows to:

  • improve the relevance and personalization of marketing activities;
  • limit the number of repetitions of a marketing action or display of advertisements;
  • conduct surveys on the quality of customer service;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of marketing / advertising campaigns.

These cookies are managed by the third parties.

I take the protection of your privacy very seriously, so I do not attach any information to cookies that can identify you unless necessary.

You may refuse to accept, limit, or delete cookies by configuring your web browser accordingly.

NB! The use of individual web browser settings may lead to limited access to some sections of the site or its incomplete functioning, and will also prevent the identification of your devices and the corresponding collection of information, therefore:

  • I will not know about you opting-out of behavioral advertising, so third-party banners will reappear when you visit other sites;
  • I will not be able to know whether you have agreed to the privacy and the cookie policy, so confirmation requests will appear to you every time you visit the site.

7. Terms and changes to the privacy and cookie policy.

I have the right, if necessary, to change the principles of the privacy and the cookie policy. I will notify all regular clients about this and publish information about the changes on the website The responsible processor of personal data is Nelja Kornfeld. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me at If the problem is not solved, you can contact the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court.