My job, among other things, involves a large number of interviews with various people for different positions in different countries. And when, after many unsuccessful meetings and reviewing a million resumes, during some interview, I feel like, “Oh, great, this one is ours!” – my mood suddenly improves!

Today, I’ll tell you what, in my eyes, makes an interview successful and how not to leave the recruiter indifferent and make a positive impression.

So, key points for a successful interview:


Simple and seemingly obvious, but nevertheless, many candidates are late or arrive (log in online) much earlier. If it’s an online interview, click on the link in advance. You don’t need to connect just to see if the microphone and camera are working, if you can be heard well, and if the angle is good. Connect exactly on time.

As for a regular interview, you can arrive about 5 minutes earlier to have time to settle in. Coming earlier is not a good option! The recruiter has their own plans before meeting with you, or maybe another meeting has just ended, and the previous candidate hasn’t left yet – don’t put someone in an awkward position. I often don’t even have time to pour myself water between meetings, and I’m not pleased with someone who shows up at the door 15 minutes early.

💡Positivity and Openness

Smile, especially when introducing yourself. Don’t be afraid of the recruiter! Yes, I know that for most people, interviews are stressful. But just think that the recruiter is a human too, and their goal is not to eat you, humiliate you, or intimidate you even more. Their task is to find a suitable person for the company. That’s it!

If you feel like saying something negative about your previous job, think again, and it’s better not to. This applies to the boss, colleagues, and everything in general. Everything can be presented positively!

Answer open questions openly! If I ask, “What do you do in your free time?” An answer like, “Oh, nothing special” won’t make the best impression. Even “nothing special” can be elaborated on and played out nicely!


Study information about the company in advance. Candidates who didn’t bother to even Google the company clearly don’t really want to get there. And I don’t understand when a candidate living in the United States, when asked if they know where Estonia is, says they don’t know. The average American definitely doesn’t know, and that’s okay. But if a person is preparing for an interview and sees that the company’s headquarters is in Estonia, it wouldn’t hurt to look at the map.

💡Ability to Sell Yourself

Yes, I know that an accountant is an accountant, not a salesperson. But the ability to sell yourself is necessary for everyone nowadays. And how should a recruiter know about your cool experience if you can’t briefly and clearly talk about your achievements? How do you stand out from the crowd of others?

Well, the reverse story, when a candidate not only can’t sell himself but seems to consciously underestimate himself, is also not uncommon. It’s just painful. After all, an adult should understand what to say and where it’s worth keeping quiet, but some have difficulties with that.

💡Your Questions

When you are asked if you have any questions, the worst thing you can say is “No.” It’s highly desirable to prepare questions for the employer in advance, based on what is important to you. Good questions will not only show your interest but also help understand what binds us.

NB! Asking about salary and perks is not a good question! Don’t hold the recruiter for an idiot. They’ve seen your resume, and they roughly understand how much you’re worth. Well, they should. I am ready to hear from a person working in Qatar that their salary is $15,000 a month during an interview. But I don’t want to hear the only question from an ordinary accountant in Estonia, who couldn’t string two words together in the interview – how much do you pay?

When I have a candidate at an interview who can eloquently express their thoughts, is prepared for the meeting, can explain how their experience can be useful in our company, doesn’t run late, is decently dressed, and even asks reasonable questions – that’s a success!

As you can see, nothing complicated! An interview can be pleasant for candidate as well!